Method A Rubber Properties in Compression (ASTM D575)

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This part of ASTM D575-91(2007) specifies the test conditions for determining the compression-deflection characteristics of rubbers, based upon the general principles given in the standard for method A only.

For testing rubbers in compression according to this standard, we recommend the Instron® 3300 or 5500 electromechanical testing machines with compression platens that are larger in diameter than that of the specimen being tested. In addition, the platens should have rigid connections to the frame and load cell and must be rated to a load capacity which exceeds loads generated during the test.

For improved accuracy, linear variable displacement transformer (LVDT) devices can be attached to the compression platens. The use of an LVDT eliminates the measurement of extraneous compliance in the loading system, which would otherwise result in a reported deformation from the crosshead extension that is greater than the actual deformation of the specimen.

We recommend that you also review ASTM D575-91(2007) to fully understand its requirements.

相关标准 ASTM D575
样品类型: 循环
Materials: 橡胶/弹性体
测试类型: 压缩
业务类型: 消费品/工业用品